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Nominee for 1st African American Black Chef Award in 2020

Q1227 Restaurant

Q1227 Restaurant, is a warm and quaint atmosphere, offering excellent customer service and superb fresh comfort dishes.


``Modern Comfort Food``

Q1227 Contacts

@chefqculinary, Owner/Executive Chef


From Wine to Music in Bump City

Bump City Wine, Clarksburg, CA

Started by Tower of Power keyboardist Roger Smith, Bump City Wine Co. is a culmination of his passion for music, love of wine, and the joy that comes when they are shared.


“It was always about making good wine and sharing it with friends.”
Roger Smith

To learn more about Roger and his music, visit


Bump City is now located in the Old Sugar Mill! Bump City Wine Co has joined 11 other wineries at the Old Sugar Mill, 35265 Willow Ave., Clarksburg, California.

Just 15 minutes from Downtown Sacramento the Old Sugar Mill is a perfect venue
for your next wine trip. Open Saturday & Sunday 11am – 4 p.m.

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The guide is a directory of various restaurants that specialize in the superb cuisine that depict the various cultures of the south, the east, and the west coast as well as mid-states. Travelers nationwide commonly ask “where are the best restaurants?” or “where is the best entertainment?” or “where are the most reasonable priced restaurants low?” or simply “where can we go to enjoy a real down home meal?”

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Our guide often links to most of the best restaurants in America. The links display detailed features such as, entertainment, online menus, and map locations by street city, and state. Also, be sure to check out the special events available SoulFoodGuide and SoulFoodTravel and the discounts for our viewers.

Our staff at SoulFoodGuide.com and SoulFoodTravel.com would like to hear your suggestions of good restaurants, entertainment, and special events that we should know about. Please feel free to email us at SoulFoodGuide@gmail.com. We welcome your comments.

Soul Food Original American Art Form

This Video presents places and events for you, your family, and friends to share. Enjoy.

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Benefits of Advertising and Featuring Your Restaurant on Soulfoodguide.com, Soulfoodtravel.com and BarBQTravel.com Websites

As with any other type of entrepreneurship, the task of starting a restaurant business requires a reliable marketing strategy and an effective approach toward communicating the company’s mission and vision to its customers. Using websites to advertise a restaurant has been a common practice for a while since modern media has captured the scene, leaving traditional advertisement tools very few opportunities for capturing people’s attention. However, even with websites, the task of making a restaurant popular among the intended audiences is a challenging task since not all sites are deemed reputable and are frequented by multiple visitors. READ MORE…

What's Hot in Soul Food and BarBQ Cooking Right Now!

Food is an essential part of our life, and it is hard to imagine the world without a variety of cuisines. Nowadays, it is not only a basic need for a human but also a source of pleasure and a good reason to spend time together with your relatives and friends. We are all used to a wide choice of national cuisines and always try something new and unusual. Food has an important function: it brings cultures together and allows people to learn more about other nations and their gastronomic habits. Soul food and barbeq are some of the most favorite meals among Americans. But do you actually know where they first appeared and how they gained popularity in the US? This article will take you on a gastronomic journey across the US to find out the origins of the famous soul food and barbq restaurants. READ MORE…

The History of Soul Food Cuisine in the United States

Soul food is the ethnic African-American cuisine traditionally cooked in the Southern United States. The term was invented in the mid-1960s when the Black Power movement was gaining momentum and African Americans tried to emphasize their unique culinary traditions (Avieli & Markowitz, 2018). Besides being a traditional cuisine of the Africans, it carries the terrifying fate of the slaves. It is inspired by their best way to preserve the African heritage despite all their eradication and suffering. This paper aims to discuss the history of soul food and its impact on American cuisine.
With the rise of civil rights and black nationalist movements in the 1960s, many African Americans sought to reaffirm their share of American cultural heritage. Since terms such as “soul brother,” “soul sister,” and “soul music,” were common, it was natural that the term “soul food” would be used to describe recipes that African Americans have been preparing for generations. This term may have been first used in 1962 by a civil rights activist and poet Amiri Baraka (Avieli & Markowitz, 2018). Sylvia Woods opened her famous Sylvia's restaurant in Harlem the same year. Today, Woods is known by many as the ``queen of the soul food”. READ MORE…


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